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Okay this is bugging me and I don't know about the rest of you but I feel we need to have a vote and a verdict. I don't mind stating that Mickie James posed nude and for what Magazine, but what I do mind is the posting of the link to unprotected page of nude pictures. I can tell you because I have looked, they aren't softcore by any means. I am also pretty sure we don't want wikipedia to be a directory for porn sites. Govvy 21:47, 10 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Now all that being said, there is the independent question of whether posting links to explicit content like nude photos is in good taste or of encyclopedic value. Personally I don't think it is, considering Wikipedia has no parental protections allowing the filtering of this sort of information. I think a better way to go would be to simply say that, for example "so-and-so posed for this-magazine" and then include a footnote with the publication's name and date for verification. A link to the actual image isn't needed at that point. Dugwiki 00:01, 11 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I'm not calling people who disagree with me liars, I am calling people who deliberately continue to promote lies (regarding wrestlers' fictitious pro football careers) ... liars. There is a difference you know. But you are right on one count. I am crazy. Now, what bothers me is that these lies do not stay confined to, say, a wikipedia entry on an allegded football playing wrestler. No, no, no ... people have to use wiki categories to make sure that this false information is spread to every seemingly legitimate source, sometimes even putting said wrestlers name on an entry for a pro football team, as if some palooka that played 3 days in training camp deserves such respect. And if you've done a Google search about such things recently, you'll find every two bit site and its brother rips wikipedia off big time, thus, like a military force multipler, the lie GROWS and GROWS, spreading across the world wide web like some mold in your fridge that started, oh so sublimely, in the salsa jar. Now your lactose free sour cream is ruined. Finally, NO, a guy that can't make it through a training camp with a team doesn't get to say he played for the team. Would you say its OK to boast about having a university degree if you only went to one week of class. I didn't think you think that was right. Thank you. Now, let's you and me pledge, right now, to stamp this deceitful madness out RIGHT NOW. Yes, TESTITFY. I've got your back. (Yes, if you are wondering, salsa mold is so sublime. Try it, and not accidentally.)Mundster 18:36, 18 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Oh, I have had it. You are what is wrong with wikipedia. Isn't the truth good enough? I saw a TVO discussion on "why the internet sucks" some months back, and the one sterling example of the bright future was wikipedia (I would have thought it was ebay.) So I registered and had some fun adding legitimate stuff, joining the "wikonomy," so to speak. Committing unique information to the internet, adding value to wiki, freely donating my time and expertise for the psychic reward. What do I find ... yahoos, vandals, people with petty agendas. Just like you. Thanks. I'm outta here.


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