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Murad Prokhorov
Murad Prokhorov

She Hate Me ##HOT##

I went to see the movie a second time, because my first response, while immediate and obvious, left me feeling unsatisfied. I knew I could plow into the movie and spare not a single frame, using implacable logic and withering sarcasm. But some seed of subversion in the film made that feel too easy. Whatever its faults, the movie had engaged and fascinated me in its various parts, even if it seemed to have no whole.

She Hate Me

I should have just left, saving myself from the embarrassment of having her tell everyone about the reason why she hated me. That would have been the smart thing to do, but that's about when my friend, the one that invited me to this little gathering, saw me, and dragged me outside. He introduced me around to some of his new acquaintances, almost distracting me enough to forget about Monica.

Oh shit...that really means I need to fix this, or I'll forever be the guy that felt her up, then ruined her party. Not that I had higher aspirations than 'tolerated acquaintance', I just didn't like being the 'hated vermin'.

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