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Ace Combat 2 Ost Download _HOT_

Ace Combat 2[a] is a 1997 air combat video game developed and published for the PlayStation by Namco. It is the sequel to Air Combat and the second in the Ace Combat franchise. The player controls one of 24 different fighter jets through 21 different missions with certain objectives to fulfill, such as protecting a base from enemy fire, intercepting a squadron of enemies, or taking down an aircraft carrier.

ace combat 2 ost download

Ace Combat 2 is a combat flight simulation game but it is presented in a more arcade-like format than other flight-sim games of the era. The player controls one of 24 different fighter jets through 21 different missions, each having different objectives to complete; these include intercepting a squadron of enemies, destroying a specific aircraft carrier, or protecting a base from enemy fire.[1] Completing missions awards the player money which can be spent on new aircraft in their personal hangar.[1]

Kato and his team used books on planes and aviation-related magazines as reference when creating new fighters.[2] They also watched several films on air combat and traveled to the American Armed Force airshow to take photographs of the planes on display.[2] To make the game less complex for their target audience, the team decided that the fighters would have different data from that of their real-world counterparts.[2] A simplistic law of physics system was implemented in their place, which kept the game's realism while still providing a user-friendly experience.[2] The team looked into getting advice from a real airplane pilot to refine the gameplay, but were unable to do so. Ideas for missions were from Kato and the team's imaginations, although he stated he wished they were able to travel to real-world places to gather data and references.[2] Environments were created to be visually-impressive and interesting.[2] The development team experimented with a level design that would involve the player attempting to de-rail a trail through a mountain valley, but it was ultimately dropped due to technical and graphical restraints.[2] The overall level structure was tweaked slightly so that the strategy in missions would not feel awkward or unnatural.[2] At the beginning of development, the team wanted the game to support analogue control, adding support for both the PlayStation DualShock and the Namco NeGcon, and later the PlayStation Analog Joystick.[2]

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The symbiotic relationship has, in recent times, encountered fresh difficulties, brought about by the changing ways in which people play games. Free-to-play has, according to its vociferous advocates, brought about a revolution in the way in which games are distributed and monetised. League of Legends, arguably the most popular video game on the planet, can be downloaded and played gratis. Its developer makes money by selling characters and costumes for those characters, but it's possible for someone to play the game without spending any money. Whether you view this as a victory for business or for art probably depends on how old you are, and whereabouts in the world you live.

Kazutoki Kono is one of Namco's most senior art directors (he led the design on the markedly stylish Ridge Racer Type 4). Today he heads the 30-strong Ace Combat Infinity team, the latest title in Namco's long-running dogfighting series which launches on PlayStation 3 in May as a free download. "More than actually paying us any money, we just want people to play the game for as long as we can keep them interested," he says. "It's not about making money so much as it is about spreading the word about Ace Combat. We want to release the game for free so people fall in love with the franchise."

Kono explains the numbers that justify the move to free-to-play like so: "If we release a free demo of one of our titles we immediately receive 3 million downloads. But, in general, a boxed release of an Ace Combat game only sells a million copies. By making the game free we can drastically increase the size of the audience."

Hoshino and Kano's claims invite scepticism. No matter how large the audience for your game, if they aren't paying anything then surely there is no business? But Kono is adamant this is a robust long-term strategy. "If we are successful and secure hundreds of thousands of downloads then we will have proof there's a large enough audience for these series," he says. "If we are able to grow the fan base then the options for the franchise open up. That's what's appealing: a larger number of players allows us to explore future options, which are more limited right now."


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