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Les Miserables Confrontation Mp3 11 [NEW]

On the no-fly zones. What is important is that I think everyone has to understand that it's not only about declaring a no-fly zone, it has to be imposed. And the only way to impose a no-fly zone in a hostile environment, as we see in Ukraine right now, is to massively attack Russian air defence systems. We cannot operate a no-fly zone with all the Russian air defence systems intact. So no-fly zone will require massive attacks on Russian air defence systems. And it will require that we are ready to engage directly in confrontation with Russian planes. So no-fly zone entails NATO massively attacking Russian air defence systems in Ukraine, in Belarus, and in Russia. It entails direct confrontation between NATO air capabilities and Russian air capabilities. This will significantly escalate the war, the fighting in Ukraine. But also of course, risk a full-fledged war in Europe, involving NATO Allies. NATO against Russia. And that will lead to so much more human suffering, civilian casualties, destruction. And it will be extremely dangerous. So it is a painful decision made by NATO Allies. But we need to make sure that this conflict ends. We have to avoid that it expands, escalates. And that's exactly what we're doing. Providing support, but also acting in ways which doesn't trigger escalation of the conflict you now see in Ukraine.

les miserables confrontation mp3 11

NATO Secretary General: Well, cyber is, will be and is, a part of any military confrontation, there will be a cyber dimension. And of course, we are faced with this more blurred line between peace and war, hybrid tools, hybrid conflicts. And of course, Allies have reported about many different types of cyberattacks against political institutions, private companies. We have seen attempts to meddling in political, domestic, democratic processes in different countries, and attributed this to Russia in many of the cases.

The set design changes give the over production quality a cheaper look. Bring back the spinning stage! While every performer brings his own take to the characters Javier's was particularly distracting and caused tempo changes thus throwing performances like the confrontation off. Still loved the actors voice however. Valjean was a true to the classic production while giving a fresh look at the character. If this was my first time seeing Les Miserable I would call it an ok show but would not have fallen in love with it enough to see it over again. They are bringing a beloved classic musical back to life, okay is not good enough. Still worth it if this is your first time, if this not your first, skip this performance.


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