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Super Melee Adventure 64: The Best Super Mario 64 ROM Hack for Super Smash Bros. Fans

Not leaving out what brought Super Smash Bros. most of its success the first time, the multiplayer capabilities are as strong as ever. With similar gameplay as before, this promises to set new standards for multiplayer games. In addition, there are a variety of different ways to play, from regular melee to Tournament to special melees, it'll be quite some time before you're ready for something else. There are even options in the special melees where super sudden death matches are fought with all players starting out with 300% damage or giant melees where all players fight giant-sized.

The WuBor Patch is seen as half overhaul, half balancing mod. The main aims are to take weaker characters and make them more enjoyable, to balance very strong characters but make them still fun, "declone" echo fighters, and overhaul system mechanics in an effort to better the game's feel. In addition, the WuBor Patch introduces a new fighter in the form of Yu Narukami from Persona 4, who completely replaces Lucina. Yu has a fully unique moveset, animations, parameters, special moves, meters, super moves (like Terry) and more. The WuBor Patch is available to download and still in active development.

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