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Xforce |TOP| Keygen 32bits Or 64bits Version Revit LT 2010 Activation

Xforce Keygen: The Ultimate Guide to Activate Revit LT 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit)

If you are looking for a way to activate Revit LT 2010, a popular software for building information modeling (BIM), you may have come across Xforce Keygen. Xforce Keygen is a full activator for any Autodesk product, a downloadable application that permanently activates any Autodesk product (AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Advance Steel, Naviswork etc). It is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Xforce Keygen 32bits Or 64bits Version Revit LT 2010 Activation

In this article, we will show you how to use Xforce Keygen to activate Revit LT 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit) in a few simple steps. But before we start, let's see what Revit LT 2010 is and why you may need it.

What is Revit LT 2010?

Revit LT 2010 is a software that allows you to create 3D architectural designs and documentation. It is a simplified version of Revit, which offers more advanced features for BIM. With Revit LT 2010, you can:

  • Create and edit 3D models of buildings and structures.

  • Generate floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views.

  • Add dimensions, annotations, and tags to your drawings.

  • Use parametric components and families to create custom elements.

  • Apply materials, colors, and textures to your models.

  • Perform energy analysis and daylighting simulation.

  • Collaborate with other users using worksharing and cloud services.

Revit LT 2010 is ideal for architects, designers, and contractors who want to create high-quality architectural designs and documentation without the need for complex BIM tools. However, Revit LT 2010 is not free. You need to purchase a license from Autodesk or download a free trial from their website. But if you want to activate it without paying anything, you can use Xforce Keygen.

How to use Xforce Keygen to activate Revit LT 2010?

Xforce Keygen is a simple application that generates activation codes for any Autodesk product. You can use it to activate Revit LT 2010 by following these steps:

  • Download Xforce Keygen from a reliable source. Make sure you choose the right version for your system (32-bit or 64-bit).

  • Disable your internet connection and antivirus software. This is to prevent any interference with the activation process.

Run the setup of Revit LT 2010 and enter one of these serial numbers:



  • 400-45454545

Use the product key according to the program being installed. For Revit LT 2010, the product key is:

  • 834M1

  • Click on Activate and if it tells you that your serial is wrong, simply click on close and click on activate again.

  • Select I have an activation code from Autodesk.

  • Run Xforce Keygen as administrator (right click on xforce run as administrator) either 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your system).

  • Click on Patch (you should see successfully patched).

  • Copy the request code from the activation window and paste it into the keygen. Then click on Generate and copy the generated code.

  • Paste the activation code into the activation window and click Next. You should see a message that says you have a fully registered Autodesk product.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated Revit LT 2010 with Xforce Keygen. You can now enjoy all the features of this software without any limitations.

What are the benefits of using Revit LT 2010?

Revit LT 2010 is a powerful software that can help you create stunning architectural designs and documentation in 3D. By using Revit LT 2010, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Work faster and smarter with a streamlined user interface and intuitive tools.

  • Create consistent and accurate documentation with automatic coordination and updates.

  • Visualize your designs in realistic renderings and walkthroughs.

  • Analyze your designs for energy efficiency and environmental performance.

  • Share and collaborate with other users using cloud services and file formats.

  • Access a rich library of BIM content and components for your projects.

  • Customize and personalize your software with keyboard shortcuts, ribbons, and toolbars.

Revit LT 2010 is a cost-effective solution that offers you many of the features of Revit, but with some limitations. For example, Revit LT 2010 does not support:

  • Structural modeling and analysis.

  • MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) modeling and analysis.

  • Conceptual massing and freeform modeling.

  • Worksharing and simultaneous editing with multiple users.

  • In-place families and adaptive components.

If you need these features, you may want to consider upgrading to Revit or subscribing to a collection that includes Revit. For more information on the differences between Revit LT 2010 and Revit, see the following resources .

How to get started with Revit LT 2010?

If you are ready to start using Revit LT 2010 for your architectural design projects, here are some steps to help you get started:

  • Download and install Revit LT 2010 from Autodesk's website or from a trusted source. Make sure you meet the system requirements for your system.

  • Activate Revit LT 2010 with Xforce Keygen by following the steps described above.

  • Open Revit LT 2010 and explore the user interface. Learn how to use the ribbon, the project browser, the properties palette, the view controls, and the drawing tools.

  • Create a new project or open an existing one. Learn how to use templates, levels, grids, views, sheets, and phases.

  • Add walls, doors, windows, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairs, railings, and other components to your model. Learn how to use families, types, parameters, constraints, dimensions, annotations, tags, materials, colors, and textures.

  • Edit and modify your model as needed. Learn how to use commands such as move, copy, rotate, mirror, align, offset, trim/extend, split/join, array, group/ungroup, lock/unlock etc.

Create schedules, legends, details, renderings, walkthroughs

How to learn Revit LT 2010?

If you are new to Revit LT 2010 or want to improve your skills, there are many resources available to help you learn this software. You can:

  • Watch the tutorials that are provided with Revit LT 2010. These videos cover the basics of creating a simple building model using Revit LT 2010. You can access the tutorials here.

  • Read the documentation that is available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. This website contains articles, guides, tips, and FAQs about Revit LT 2010 and other Autodesk products. You can access the documentation here.

  • Take online courses or webinars that are offered by Autodesk or other providers. These courses can help you learn the fundamentals or advanced topics of Revit LT 2010 at your own pace and convenience. You can find some courses here.

  • Join online communities and forums where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from other Revit LT 2010 users. You can also find useful tips, tricks, and tutorials from experts and enthusiasts. You can join some communities here.

Revit LT 2010 is a powerful and user-friendly software that can help you create stunning architectural designs and documentation in 3D. By using the resources mentioned above, you can learn how to use this software effectively and efficiently.

How to improve your workflow with Revit LT 2010?

Revit LT 2010 is a powerful software that can help you create stunning architectural designs and documentation in 3D. However, to make the most of this software, you need to know some tips and tricks that can improve your workflow and productivity. Here are some of them:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to access tools and commands quickly. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts according to your preferences. You can find the list of Revit keyboard shortcuts here.

  • Disable double-click to edit elements if you find it annoying or distracting. You can choose which elements you want to disable double-click for in the options dialog box.

  • Save frequently accessed folders to Places so you can navigate to them easily. You can add folders to Places from the open or save dialog boxes.

  • Use ribbon shortcuts to activate tools without using the mouse. You can press Alt key to display the ribbon shortcuts, then press the corresponding keys to access the tools.

  • Tear out ribbon panels that you use often and dock them anywhere on the screen. You can drag a panel by its title bar and drop it where you want.

  • Disable drag elements on selection if you want to avoid accidental movement of elements. You can do this in the options dialog box.

  • Define a pivot point when rotating a view by pressing Shift key and clicking on a point. This will make the view rotate around that point.

  • Use the steering wheel to navigate in 3D views. You can access the steering wheel from the view control bar or by pressing Shift+W.

  • Organize the project browser by using filters, sorting, grouping, and renaming options. You can right-click on any category or view in the project browser and choose the desired option.

  • Find in the project browser by typing a keyword in the search box at the top of the project browser. This will filter out the views that match your keyword.

  • Use the view cube to navigate and modify 3D views. You can click on any face, edge, or corner of the view cube to orient the view accordingly. You can also right-click on the view cube and choose different options such as adjust view, set front view, orient to view, etc.

These are some of the tips and tricks that can help you work better with Revit LT 2010. There are more tips and tricks that you can learn from online resources such as tutorials, courses, webinars, forums, etc.


In this article, we have learned how to use Xforce Keygen to activate Revit LT 2010, a software that allows you to create 3D architectural designs and documentation. We have also learned what Revit LT 2010 is, what are its benefits, how to get started with it, and how to improve your workflow with it. We hope that this article has been useful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading! d282676c82


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