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Murad Prokhorov
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Godaddy Domain Buy

When you type a domain name - like or - into your browser, the domain name system, or DNS, takes this domain and translates it into its IP address, allowing the associated website to be found.

godaddy domain buy

Download Zip:

Hello @Ben Stegink that what I want, to stop using godaddy office 365, I am in my 14 days waiting that they resolve the issue, I called almost every day and nothing, now they said that the case they are moving to microsoft ( was thursday), so since thursday they are waiting that microsoft resolve the problem, they opened a ticket, what a mess with it :(

Yes. that step is absolutely needed. It is much easier for single sign-on, password memory, etc to have your work email as your authentication. if that step wasnt really necessary, there would be a lot more email domains abandoned at godaddy's door.

@Ben Stegink I've been a O365 customer for years - so that I could have the office suite. I've also been a customer of godaddy owning a domain and webhosting services along with email services (I think the main account was free initially with the webhosting/domain package) with some ancillary email accounts for doing business. The business is now defunct but the email domain is well established and I'd like to keep it. Naturally when Godaddy informed us that they were migrating us to O365 I was like... well, I already have an O365 account... no sense in paying Godaddy AND Microsoft, right? I contacted Microsoft support about combining the two and allowing O365 to take over the domain and my email... but they were less than helpful. 041b061a72


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