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To help supplement this work, the ADA Curb Ramp Request Program will build and improve curb ramps as requested by people with disabilities for routes to important destinations not already included in other City of Portland annual install or paving lists.



A person with a disability may request a curb ramp at their residence, at a City facility, at a transportation service, or at their places of work. The person who places the request for curb ramp installation or repair must indicate the streets that intersect, the direction they are in if possible (north, south, east, or west), or a nearby address.

PBOT staff accepts and evaluates requests from citizens throughout the year. Requests are received by phone or online. You may use the Curb Ramp Request Form below. If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator at (503) 823-4414 (TTY 503-823-6868) or by sending an email here.

Private Duty Nursing AnnouncementThe Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (the Department) is informing all Private Duty Nursing (PDN) providers that effective November 23, 2022, the Department announced an extension to the temporary administrative approval process for PDN through at least February 28, 2023. This means all requested PDN services are authorized through February 28th.

Devices subject to premarket approval applications (PMAs), premarket notification (510(k)) or requests for De Novo designation are eligible for breakthrough device designation if both of the following criteria are met:

You can send a Breakthrough Designation request for your device at any time prior to sending your marketing submission (for example, premarket approval (PMA), premarket notification (510(k)), or De Novo classification request).

You can request the Breakthrough Device designation by submitting a "Designation Request for Breakthrough Device" Q-Submission. Your designation request should be the only request in the Q-Submission. If you are pursuing the Breakthrough Device designation while you have other requests for feedback pending, you may want to send the requests for feedback after the FDA makes a designation decision because the designation may affect the feedback that the FDA provides on your other requests. The procedures for submitting a Q-Submission are outlined in the guidance Requests for Feedback and Meetings for Medical Device Submissions: The Q-Submission Program.

The FDA recommends that your designation request include information to describe the device, the proposed indication for use, regulatory history, how your device meets the statutory criteria for a Breakthrough Device, and what type of marketing submission you plan to submit to the FDA for your device. Learn more about what to include in your request in Appendix 1 of the Breakthrough Devices Program final guidance.

The FDA intends to request any other information needed to inform the Breakthrough Device designation decision within 30 days of receiving your request. You can expect to receive a letter communicating the FDA's decision to grant or deny the Breakthrough Device designation request within 60 calendar days of the FDA receiving your request.

It is helpful when a sponsor is available and responsive to the FDA's requests throughout the review timeline. If the FDA does not receive the other information needed to decide on a designation request promptly, it may result in denial of the Breakthrough Device designation request.

If your device is granted the Breakthrough Device Designation, you can choose to interact with the FDA to obtain feedback on your device development through a variety of options including sprint discussions, request for discussion on a data development plan, and request for clinical protocol agreement. Learn more about these options in Section IV of the Breakthrough Devices Program guidance.

Prior to marketing authorization, the FDA generally cannot publicly disclose whether a sponsor has submitted a Breakthrough Device designation request for a device, or whether FDA has granted or denied the request unless the sponsor decides to make that information available to the public. Additionally, the FDA plans to maintain a list of devices granted Breakthrough Device designation on its webpage, adding devices to the list once the device has received marketing authorization.

The Division of Housing (DOH) Office of Homeless Initiatives, is requesting Letters of Interest (LOIs) for potential applications for the creation of a Denver-Metro Regional Navigation Campus. LOIs are due December 16, 2022. Please see the Request for LOIs for more information. _VER4XOVRwfL_i99x27SbDeW/edit

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through its Division of Housing (DOH), Office of Housing Finance and Sustainability (OHFS) and Office of Homeless Initiatives (OHI), is requesting applications for funding for the acquisition of land and/or existing properties suitable for the purpose of providing or developing Non-congregate shelter, Supportive Housing, or Affordable Housing. Additional funds may be also requested for the renting of and providing tenancy support services within the same properties to provide shelter or housing for households at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) through its Division of Housing (DOH) and Office of Homeless Initiatives (OHI) is requesting applications from eligible non-profits or local governments throughout Colorado for a portion of ESG-CV funding and 2021-2022 ESG funding.

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs' Division of Housing (DOH) is requesting applications for 2020-2021 Homeless Prevention Activities Program (HPAP) which utilizes funding received by voluntary contributions designated on state income tax return forms to assist in preventing individuals and families from becoming homeless.

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs' Division of Housing (DOH) is requesting applications for 2019-2020 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding to enhance the continuum of comprehensive, housing-focused solutions throughout the State of Colorado in order to;

DOH is requesting applications from Public Housing Authorities/Agencies (PHAs) across Colorado to design and implement a Family Reunification Program (FRP) pilot for people returning home from incarceration within the justice system.

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through its Division of Housing (DOH) and Office of Homeless Youth Services (OHYS), is requesting applications for Youth Focused Housing Programs, specifically.

Jotform can help automate the multiple workflows of your business. With Jotform, you can choose from a variety of request form templates, including information request forms, IT request forms, purchase order request forms, and work request forms.

Zendesk is a popular CRM that features request management capabilities within its software suite. Its ticket system supports service request management, and service teams can triage tickets and track issues to improve service across the whole ticket life cycle. This can help streamline the work process, making the support team more agile and contributing to greater customer satisfaction.

The Jira Service Management platform allows development and IT support teams to work together on a single platform. This facilitates cross-team collaboration and allows for the teams to quickly respond to service requests. The ability to set service level agreements (SLAs) makes it easy to prioritize requests and ensure a great customer experience.

The Saturday Evening Request Program has been a tradition here at The Classical Station going back to the times when we played vinyl. Hosts like Frosty Clark and Joe Purcell made Saturday evenings a very special time here at The Classical Station. In those days, we got most of your requests via telephone. Now, 98% of your requests come in online via the website or the app. That works very well because we can see when we need more requests to fill up Allegro or As You Like It. 10 or 20 years ago we crossed our fingers and hoped that enough requests would come in. Amazingly, they always did! The other trend which is so heart-warming to all of us here at The Classical Station is the number of requests that come from listeners living in other parts of the country and abroad.

Instructors may request additional software, in support of teaching and learning, to be installed in our public classrooms and computer labs. Before requesting software installation, please review the following:

There are two types of software requests: General Use Software, which is software that is beneficial to many students in various curricula and is installed on all computers in all labs and classrooms, and Course Software, which is needed to teach a specific course in a specific classroom or computer lab.

The Cloud Services/Software Review process has been transferred into the Paw system: -procurement. Please use the Software request quick link found on the Paw home page and use the contract request process for a cloud services/software request.

ISO New England Inc. has developed Oscillation Source Locating software (OSLp), a Matlab-based application which implements the Dissipating Energy Flow method for locating the source of sustained oscillations in power systems. In furtherance of its exempt purpose of lessening the burdens of government by, among other activities, ensuring the efficient use and reliable operation of the electricity transmission system, ISO New England Inc. may, in its sole discretion, provide copies of the OSLp software upon receipt of a written request and execution of its end user license agreement. Please contact Participant Service and, when making a written request, describe in reasonable detail your proposed use of the software. Please understand that changes to the end user license agreement are not permitted due to the volume of requests we receive and to ensure that all entities are treated fairly and equally. 041b061a72


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