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[H GAME] Iron Shelled Ai Female Pig Imprinting

iron shelled - a wine bottle with a molded glass floor inside the bottle where the glass floor is made from glass with a flat surface. a clear high relief molded glass floor is inserted into the mold and molten glass is poured into the mold. this glass is then allowed to cool and harden to form the floor. the bottle is then removed from the mold and the part of the bottle in the mold is cut away to allow the bottle to stand upright. see the bottle shapes page for more information. glow in the dark bottle - a bottle with a special type of glass that glows in the dark. this type of glass is usually green or blue glass, and is sometimes referred to as twilight glass. because this type of glass is a prohibitive material, glow-in-the-dark glass is expensive. most bottles made of glow-in-the-dark glass contain a fluorescent compound that glows when exposed to bright light. this compound is activated by the light and excites the glass which glows. most bottles of glorified soda pop contain the fluorescent compound. this bottle is a glorified soda pop bottle and the glass glows in the dark. most glow-in-the-dark glass bottles are only inserts and do not contain a liquid and are generally used as decorative items.

[H GAME] Iron shelled Ai Female Pig Imprinting

iron-shelled ai - female pig imprinting original title information developers black lilith publishers black lilith anime lilith playing dvd lilith release march 10, 2012 genre eroge visual novel chronology relations taba cameo other dimension


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