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Murad Prokhorov

Download Accelerator Plus 9.7 Full WORK Version

I have a webex room kit mini and a webex codec plus that will not update to a newer version. Both devices are registered to a Cisco Expressway -C not to the Cisco cloud. I downloaded the cop.sgn file. It downloads to the device fine, I click on Install software. After what a bit of time, the device says Could not install package; (ready state:0 status:0 statusText:error). Then it starts to try to update anyway. It gets the oplock, verifies the copfile and then starts to extract the copfile before failing with installation failed.. I have other Cisco room kits and room kit mini devices that have updated fine with the same file, so I don't think it's the file. I've tried multiple well just to see. I've also restarted the codecs. I'm not sure what the next steps are. Has anyone experienced this issue? I thought the file was corrupted or I was downloading the wrong file. I'm just not sure what to try. I'd like to get them to 9.10.2 if possible. We use webex a lot and being able to have the Webex button is a real plus.

Download Accelerator Plus 9.7 Full Version

9.6.2 upgrade should not be caused by the size issue. Could you try upgrading to 9.5.3 and then to a newer version like 9.6.2? 9.9.2 fixes the same issue that the deferred 9.9.1 did with the size issue. Cisco should update the documentation to reference this version since 9.9.1 is no longer available to download.

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