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Transportation and Parking works with the campus community, including Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) representatives, as well as professional schools, to develop schedules and processes that support student transportation needs. Transportation and Parking uses virtual permits for parking across campus. Virtual permitting removes the need for physical hang tags, and instead, parking access is assigned and verified through license plate recognition (LPR). License plate(s) must be registered through Online Services to associate vehicle with virtual permit.

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Notification of permit assignments are sent via email within 10 days after the close of lottery registration. When notified of a virtual permit assignment, students will be directed to Online Services and must provide proof of insurance, license plate registration and pay for the permit by the designated deadline or the permit is forfeited. Student citation balances must be cleared prior to registering and purchasing a permit.

Students are required to register license plate information and provide proof of insurance in order to receive weeknight parking access for the academic year. Weeknight virtual permits are honored in designated lots throughout campus at 5 p.m. Students with daytime permits are automatically registered for weeknight access based on license plate.

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